Importance of Orientation  

New employee orientation is a necessity!  It is important for the following purposes:

The New Employee Orientation Program (NEOP) is the only time an employer can positively
introduce a new hire to the environment in which they will be working. It is the optimum time to
lay down the rules and regulations that the employee will be required to follow. It is the one time
that an employer has to create a positive long-lasting impression of there future in the company.
Effectively orienting new employees to the environment and to their positions is critical to
establishing successful, productive and long-lasting working relationships. The employee's first
interactions with you should create a positive impression of your company. The time you spend
planning for the new person's first days and weeks on the job will greatly increase the chance
for a successful start.

It has been demonstrated that New Employee Orientation makes a big impression on New Hires,
one that lasts for as long as they are with the company. The results of this are that New Hires
begin functioning productively sooner, and they stay longer with the company,

New Hires undergoing "approved" orientation have;
  • a greater understanding of what is required of them,
  • perform better saving the company money
  • generate increased sales based on customer satisfaction
  • save the company money in Human Resources costs
  • understand the need to remain current on changing workplace of rules, regulations & laws
  • are more self-sufficient in performing their duties

Ease, retention and costs of training aside, orientation allows companies to:
  • Set standards for how employees will deal with suppliers, customers, and co-workers.
  • Outline expectations and policies, avoiding misunderstanding and wrong behavior.
  • Develop a uniform approach for employees, resulting in greater fairness.
  • Establish a starting point for educating employees about the company.
  • Document they are complying with certain standards and laws.

Keeping a loyal and achieving staff is important to the company's longevity and profitability.
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